Film- und Fotoaufnahmen am Bilster Berg Drive & Resort
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Promotion with Emotion.

The Perfect Showplace for the Dramatization of Exciting and Exceptional Driving Situations.

Promotion with Emotion.

Let the cameras roll for your business. When it comes to video and photos for the automobile industry, BILSTER BERG offers you the perfect backdrop. With the most modern architecture, in the middle of the Teutoburg Forest. With no racing operations. No distractions. And above all: no uninvited viewers.

White Label.

Whether it’s a photo shoot for product- and vehicle advertising, a promotional video filming for major brands, or a shoot for racing and motor sports scenes in a film – on the BILSTER BERG one thing is always in focus: your leading characters. Because thanks to the White Label principle nothing will distract attention from your brand and your storyline. Nowhere will other brands or logos be visible, so that every bit of available space will appear exactly as you want it to. And your scenery will always be invisible to uninvited viewers – because the secluded and private areal remains off-limits to the outer world, and private.

The Course.

Restaurant TURN-One.

You can replenish yourself for the next round at the restaurant “TURN One”. The extensive menu covers everything from down-to-earth cooking all the way to sophisticated delicacies. The restaurant’s terrace also gives you a fascinating 360-degree view of the race course and a sensational perspective for the starting- and finishing straights.

Start and Finish.

The 600-meter-long, 12-meter-wide Starting- and Finish straights provide an outstanding opportunity to make highly effective photos, capture impressive acceleration scenes, or stage exciting finishes.

The Dynamic Test Area.

The Dynamic Test Area is divided into three connected levels, which can be watered separately or together. The central level has a six percent slope. The area has a slideway coating with a surface area of 10 x 80 meters in the approach extension. This individually watered slideway enables various levels of traction/“road hold”.


With its 55 meter diameter, the irrigable Skidpad provides ideal conditions for the demonstration of curve driving or curve braking in extreme situations, or for personal hands-on training.

Off-Road Hall.

On a space of 250 square meters, our Off-Road Hall offers you the ideal spot for impressive staging of your brand directly adjacent to the Off-Road Obstacle Course. For technical vehicle support, a car wash and workshop are available too. There you will find a lifting platform and a complete array of cleaning equipment, in order to present your brand at the highest level of quality.

The Clubhouse.

The building is located at the highest point of the facilities, between the race course and the Off-Road Obstacle Course. In addition to the spacious terrace, you have access to a large meeting room and an extensive club room with lounge sofas and a bar. These areas with their immediate proximity to the race course and the Off-Road Obstacle Course make the clubhouse the perfect complement to your Driving Experience.

Restaurant TURN One

You can replenish yourself for the next round at the restaurant “TURN One”. The extensive menu covers everything from down-to-earth cooking all the way to sophisticated delicacies. The restaurant’s terrace also gives you a fascinating 360-degree view of the race course and a sensational perspective for the starting- and finishing straights.

The race course provides ideal conditions for all kinds of photo and video shoots. You will not be disturbed during your production, since no racing operations will be underway and the secluded areal permits no undesired viewing. The course is located amid the natural surroundings of the Teutoburg Forest, and is 4.2 kilometers long – divided between the 1.8-km-long West Loop and the 2.4-km-long East Loop. There are 44 crests and dips, 19 curves, slopes of up to 26 percent, inclines of up to 21 percent and a cumulative variation in elevation of over 200 meters.

The perfect showplace for staging exciting exceptional driving situations. The dynamics test area measures 400 x 60 meters and has a slideway coated surface, which can be driven upon when wet. Thus this area is ideal für braking-, drift-, curve- and slalom maneuvers.

The four-kilometer-long off-road obstacle course enables you to organize fabulous photo shoots and video recordings on the grounds. For special backdrops, you have access to steep slopes, interlaced course segments, and water crossings.

See – but Don’t Be Seen.

Relax among your own selected exclusive company. Regardless of which innovation you want to highlight: your photos and videos will be protected from undesired viewing, and the security measures at the access points to the BILSTER BERG are appropriately strict. Thus you have the opportunity to promote even the most sensitive products in perfect isolation from the public, with a major presentation.

Travel Arrangements.

Located amid the breathtaking natural setting of the Teutoburg Forest, BILSTER BERG offers outstanding travel connections.


Outstanding Travel Connections.

On the Course.

Whether you need promotional spots, a photo shoot, or exciting video clips for a film production – the perfect location awaits you.

The Race Course.

This backdrop can bring any conceivable motor sports scene to life. Your photos will feature a 4.2-km course length, 19 curves, 44 crests and dips, slopes of up to 26 percent and inclines of up to 21 percent. Of course, the racing sports ambience is enhanced by two professionally-equipped pit lanes, which are also available to you for filming and photos. That means that here you will find the ideal environment for photographing new vehicles and products with the background of an authentic race course, for making effective advertising spots, or staging rapid chase scenes for film production.

The Off-Road Obstacle Course.

When your media production requires that not the asphalt, but the grounds themselves take the leading role, you will find the ideal setting in the off-road area. The obstacle course is four kilometers long and even features perfect “extras” for a convincing shoot. They include different ledges, impressive escarpments and a deep water ditch. And in case you wish to get the entire areal into the picture, you have the option of using our spacious clubhouse terrace. It is located directly beside the off-road area and offers an outstanding view of the entire obstacle course.

The Dynamics Test Area.

… and … “Action!”: this area offers the perfect conditions for staging dramatic braking- and driving maneuvers in an imposing setting – whether for video recording or extraordinary photography. The dynamics test area measures 400 x 60 meters and impresses with its unique special feature: its division into three levels, which can be watered separately or together. The middle level has a six percent slope.

Nature and the Surrounding Area.

Before and After.

For the necessary quiet time between and after your photos and filming, you’ll find comfortable accommodations in the immediate vicinity of the BILSTER BERG.

Gräflicher Park Grand Resort.

A pit stop for body and soul. Here you and your crew can “kick back” in a stylish ambience. This premium hotel will receive you with 135 exclusive rooms in various lodging houses – and a culinary offering of the finest quality.

Hotel Germanenhof.

The family-managed Hotel Germanenhof combines cosy Westfalian old-fashioned tradition with modern accents. Here your target group will find not only comfortable rooms, but also an extraordinary selection of exquisite meals. That’s why the hotel recently took one of the top places in the competition for the Westfalian Gastronomy Prize.

Gastronomy and Catering.

Diverse Services.

During your shootings and filming we will be available for you with a wide range of services.

PHT Airpictures.

Save your memories of the race course and its distinctive natural setting with spectacular air photos and video, or use this birdseye perspective to capture impressive images of your vehicles and leading players. Our partners at PHT Airpictures can support you upon request with professional photo- and video drones, and will assist you when you’re ready to literally “lift the quality of your media production to a higher level”! These specialists can also provide professional photo- and video equipment for rental purposes, in case you want to enhance your own equipment with additional technology.

Rental Halls.

Of course, BILSTER BERG offers you the space you need to be used as video- and/or photo studios. On the areal there is a choice of halls and rooms of which one or more may be rented, including halls with lifting platforms and washing facilities. Additionally, there are 17 halls available for long-term rental – for example, when you require your own studio for productions of longer duration. You may custom-furnish these spaces to meet your needs and change them in whatever way you desire.

Meeting Rooms.

Vehicle Rental.

Car Wash and Workshop.

Cleaning Service.

Filling Station.


Inquiry Form regarding your desired dates.

Use our inquiry form in order to request your desired dates for your Driving Experience on BILSTER BERG. We will check the availability and contact you shortly by e-mail or telephone.

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