Inter-Track Circuit Event at BILSTER BERG – The Interview with Team Manager David van Wanrooij & Luc Embrecht

The motorcycle enthusiasts at Belgian track day organizer Inter-Track carry out riding experience events on different race tracks in Germany and all over Europe. Founded by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, Inter-Track has been a regular presence at BILSTER BERG since 2016, arranging exclusive track days and circuit events for a constantly increasing number of participants. Inter-Track’s last circuit event at BILSTER BERG presented a wonderful opportunity for us to meet team manager David Van Wanrooij for an interview.

Please describe us briefly what Inter‐Track stands for. What do you do and what is the corporate philosophy behind it?

Inter‐Track is like many others in our segment: A track day organization, specialised in free time or rather occasional motorcycle track riders. We organize track days in Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Our corporate philosophy is to have fun on track, but always in the safest possible way. We do believe that fun and safety truly go well together, as we see many customers returning track after track, year after year.

On how many race tracks will Inter‐Track conduct its track days in 2018 – how many of them are located in Europe?

We offer a variety of eight different tracks within Europe this year. That means 34 track days in total – including eight events comprising two consecutive track days.

Was the recent circuit event also the first one that Inter‐Track was conducting at the BILSTER BERG site?

Since our first appearance on the BILSTER BERG track in 2016, we came back in each following year. Therefore, the Inter-Track event in 2018 was already the third time we were carrying out a driving event on this very beautiful, modern and functional race track.

Could you give our readers an inside view of your job as Team-Manager. What does this position involve?

Over the years we managed to have a great workflow within the whole team, when it comes to marshals, security officers, instructors and our state of the art logistics. All in all, you can say I’m somehow the lubricant between all of our enthusiastic people working with Inter-Track, in order to make our track days as nice and smooth as possible. Next to this operational task, I also take responsibility in the hiring and training of new team members

What does an Inter-Track circuit event at BILSTER BERG look like and how did the track day weekend go?

We try to keep a very uniformed chronology on all of our circuit events. This helps our clients to recognise an Inter‐Track track day more easily. It also gives them confidence in our routine and a feeling of coming home. At the very beginning of every track day our customers receive their starting number, a sticker according to the driving group they start with and a transponder to locate each car on the race track. The several driving groups are updated by lap times every half a day, because we want to keep the speed differences within the groups as small as possible. Together with the group stickers, each rider receives a welcome package from our sponsors and also a run time schedule for the day. The second sticker will be received after the safety check of the bike and the third one after the mandatory briefing. Our customers were overall very happy with this track-weekend. It’s always very nice to hear at the end of an event, when customers already enquiring if we plan to come back in the next year.

Who were the participants at the BILSTER BERG in 2018?

As usual, a wide spread variety of track‐enthusiasts were happy to join this particular event. Amongst our known customers, we were happy to see no less than 33 new participants this year. The only thing we regret is that we had to turn down a number of late registrations – but this also refers to the great success of our circuit events at the BILSTER BERG.

And how many drivers were participating recently?

The event was completely sold out. This means a total number of 140 participants, who were classified into four different groups according to their level of experience and driving skill.

That’s quite a big number of participants to take care of on track… How was the coaching of all those drivers organized – were there enough experienced instructors with you at the BILSTER BERG to take over the coaching of 140 customers?

Of course, Inter-Track exclusively works together with experienced race track instructors at all of our driving events and track days. But for such a big number of participants, we also had to increase the number of coaches. Regarding the BILSTER BERG event, this was necessary to guarantee a top-professional coaching – with no more than three participants per instructors. We believe this is the optimal way to cope with new track riders and to give them the maximum attention they need.

There are lots of race tracks all over Europe and Germany that Inter‐Track could choose for its track days and other riding experiences. Why did you choose BILSTER BERG for a circuit event?

With Inter‐Track we’ve chosen BILSTER BERG for multiple reasons:  For one, the unique layout of the track is also highly appreciated and a very welcome change for all of us. Another reason is that the average distance for more than 80 percent of our customers is a maximum five hour journey – as experience taught us, this is the distance our customers are still willing to get to the track. And last but not least: The no hassle paperwork when talking to the BILSTER BERG organizers and the German „Gründlichkeit“, when it comes to cleanliness on and next to the track, made us prefer this track over other tracks.

Did you also schedule a supporting programme and evening programme?

As support we offer a state of the art tyre service and we work very closely together with BRS Suspension Works from Holland. They are at nearly all of our Inter-Track events and really take their time to give you a free of charge adjustment of your rear shock and suspension. As they’re all very dedicated riders, they know exactly what they’re talking about. Next to these supports, we offer a free drink – on the evening of the first of our two consecutive track days. It’s always a great get-together for little tips and tricks about the track and a great opportunity to talk with soulmates in our hobby. Great friendships have been sealed already during these evening events.

Do you think Inter‐Track will continue to hold circuit events like this at BILSTER BERG in the future?

Oh yes – most definitely! In fact, pre-bookings from our customers are already noted for next year!

Read the continuation of our two-part interview with David Van Wanrooij & Luc Embrecht of Inter-Track next week in our online magazine.

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