Part 2 || Inter-Track circuit event at BILSTER BERG – the interview with team-manager David Van Wanrooij and head of instructors Luc Embrecht continues

Read now the continuation of our two-part interview with Team Manager David Van Wanrooij and Head of Instructors Luc Embrecht.

Was Inter‐Track satisfied with the audience response at the recent circuit event at BILSTER BERG?

Oh yes! We as Inter-Track try to create an environment where the participant can also come with his family members, friends and supporters. That gives us an attendance of around 160 people on top of the participants – and it brings us to a total of approximately 300 unique people at our events.

What prerequisites must a motorcycle rider fulfill to participate in the BILSTER BERG track days – is a regular driver’s license enough?

A driver’s license is needed by policy of BILSTER BERG. We are not set up to teach you the very first steps on a motorbike. A minimum of riding skill regarding smooth gear changing, braking and accelerating smoothly are the minimum requirements to join in and have fun with us.

Are the Inter-Track circuit events mainly about a safety training or perfection training for all motorcyclists or is your target group the experienced sports rider?

This depends on your skills. We divide all riders into groups: Whereas group one can receive riding lessons from our instructors and group four very often are attended by experienced or even licence‐holding riders. In the end, it’s all about having fun and safely perform your hobby.

Do you know any numbers about how many riders of supersport bikes occasionally take their street-legal machines to the race track?

As the supersport market only takes about 4‐5% of the total sales on its credit, I would say that around 35‐45% of this already small market will find its way to a track. When you consider the naked bike, its numbers increase by another 25% of this respective market. All in all still more than enough to get our Inter‐Track events at BILSTER BERG fully booked!

What do you think makes BILSTER BERG a unique race track for motorcycle riders?

The differences in altitude, combined with blind corners, and of course the famous mousetrap – that’s what we very often hear as being paramount, from our customers.

Moreover, what is your impression of BILSTER BERG as an event location for an Inter‐Track riding event?

We genuinely find this a very welcome opportunity to come and ride here. After all, safety, fun and diversity are what we strive for – and our customers couldn’t be more pleased with BILSTER BERG!

Were you also satisfied with the on‐site organisation and preparation for the event?

Hmmm… Only two words can describe this: German “Gründlichkeit”! I do believe these two words stand for a whole lot more than a clean track, well maintained sanitary units and so on.

How was the cooperation with the team from BILSTER BERG in your opinion?

When we hardly see anybody from the local track team during the event, it means that they and ourselves had a very smooth day. Also, the communication and preparation with Sabine Karusseit, Head of Sales and Event Management, is always very smooth and efficient – and always with a smile.

It was also a great collaboration with Rainer Wittke, Track Manager, who we are very grateful for his advice and tour of BILSTER BERG. This circuit event was the second time we had him as track manager, and he is always relaxed, professional and easy going. We could spend hours with him talking about racing and life.

As a personal summary of the experiences that you gained with Inter-Track at BILSTER BERG: Could you recommend this race track as event location to other organizers of track days and circuit events?

(With a big smile…) Not to other Belgian organizers – as we’re not looking for more competitors in our backyard. No, seriously: I can warm-heartedly recommend to all track enthusiasts to come to BILSTER BERG – and have an incredible thrill at this excellent rollercoaster track!

No rider will ever forget this track…

You can read the first part of our two-part interview with David Van Wanrooij and Luc Embrecht of Inter-Track here in our online magazine.


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