BILSTER BERG (Super) Cars and Faces – Sequence 02-2021

This year’s second edition of the online video magazine from Europe’s most beautiful test and presentation racetrack puts the sport-loving shareholders more at the centre of the one-hour programme than ever before. But, they are not the only ones in the sportlight: Because in addition to their automotive gems, for example from Porsche and Lamborghini, it is also about the partner racing series at the BILSTER BERG, the Touring Car Legends. This name would suggests that it is about people and machines of a more mature age. But a young troupe from the Sauerland region presents a different, refreshing approach. Livestream presenter Carsten Krome guides through the programme produced by Marc Freye with great attention to detail on YouTube as well as on Facebook.

The headlines:

  • Supercar Lounge: Guido Meyer and the Porsche 911 GT2 RS (generation 991) – pure fascination, almost too good to race.
  • Car Guy, Petrolhead: Andreas Reibchen lives and loves supercars – in his Dream Garage at home in East Westphalia-Lippe and at the BILSTER BERG.
  • Interim summary: Project manager and Porsche connoisseur Hans-Joachim “Hajo” Pillich looks back on the first nine years of operation at the BERG.

Lovely, they’re coming! Five-Nine Motorsport: This is how refreshing active motorsport can be with a Mercedes-Benz touring car legend.

More diverse, more true-to-life and more detail-oriented than ever: this was the claim with which the recording team of the online video magazine BILSTER BERG Cars & Faces, which has grown to five people, produced this year’s second edition. Marc Freye, a videographer from Warendorf, spent four weeks viewing and editing the extensive material that was produced at the BBOC shareholders’ weekend at the end of August. The focus was more than ever on some of the 180 shareholders of Europe’s most beautiful test and presentation racetrack – and of course on their sports equipment, some of which is high-performance. For example, Arnsberg businessman Guido Meyer presented the Porsche 911 GT2 RS of the 991 model generation – a beauty on wheels that is fascinating down to the smallest detail. In an interview with Carsten Krome, who publishes the sports car magazine werk1, the native of the Sauerland region talks about his passion and his second car, with which he does fast laps at the BILSTER BERG together with his son.

Also from the Sauerland region is a young, completely unpretentious squad representing the touring car legends with a Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16. The partner racing series at the BILSTER BERG is competing on six dates in the current season together with today’s DTM – for Marvin Schaid (33) and his partner Jessi Peis a chance to put themselves in the limelight on the very big stage of motorsport. The special thing about the young people, who always travel to the races with a large circle of friends: A few years ago, they were still employed as race mechanics before they fulfilled their dream of owning a classic car for the race track. They know the BILSTER BERG through the annual test day of the touring car legends – reason enough to ask the enthusiastic living community a question they have heard more often: “Yes, are we live yet? I hope so!”

Andreas Reibchen, on the other hand, positions himself on a different question – namely whether he sees himself as a “petrolhead”. In his Dream Garage in East Westphalia-Lippe, 37 quick minutes away from the BILSTER BERG, this is all too obvious. But the private entrepreneur in the trade fair business sees himself much more as a “Car Guy” – and is happy to explain the small, subtle difference. On the 4.2-kilometre circuit in the Teutoburg Forest, he takes taxi guests for charity – and lets the unleashed power of 612 hp from his Lamborghini twelve-cylinder power unit have an effect on them. He does this with great routine and corresponding safety – always with the clear self-conception that there is nothing more beautiful for him. Except perhaps a few more horsepower and a few more kilograms of aerodynamic downforce. This time, the journey to the BILSTER BERG begins in his remarkable automotive refuge, captured in beautiful, atmospheric (aerial) images from the land of Hermann.

Alpha and Omega, beginning and end: To crown it all, the Porsche brand once again takes centre stage, represented by the lightweight sports versions of various model generations. Hans-Joachim “Hajo” Pillich is one of the reference drivers – and at the same time the project manager at the time during the construction phase at the BILSTER BERG. Like hardly anyone else, he can reconcile vision and reality after almost ten years of operation. Even better: the Porsche connoisseur and driver of a 991-generation 911 GT3 Cup points out further development potential. Of course, there will also be a sequence on the track – next to Pillich’s white 911 GT3 Cup, an ancestor of the same colour from the 1975 model year will do the honours.

Cars and Faces 02-2021


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Conclusion: a colourful mixture of exciting people and fascinating machines, captured at the BILSTER BERG and, of course, free to watch on the YouTube channel “Carsten Krome Netzwerkeins”. Running time of the main film: exactly one hour.

In just a few days, the production team will return to the BILSTER BERG to capture the third sequence of the current sporting year.

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