Treat your guests to a break.

TURN ONE Restaurant.

Delicious, seasonal and regional dishes – individually prepared, entirely to your wishes.

Our team and we took over catering at BILSTER BERG in the beginning of 2017 and we look forward to providing catering for you and your guests to keep you well nourished throughout the challenging events that are in store for you.

Our goal: To provide catering that is delicious and high quality, but which can also be served to customers on site – such as in the pit halls or the paddock. We offer an alternative to the classic buffet, which is left out and kept warm and quickly becomes unappetizing.

Marcus Schuster und Thorsten Federschmid
Managing Director of Marcus Schuster Gastronomie

Make sure to visit us at our restaurant, “Im Weißen Ross,” at the LWL open-air museum in Detmold:

Or inform yourself about our new food truck:

Service Packages
Service Packages

Our professional team will provide you with outstanding catering throughout the area and we are happy to serve you exquisite dishes at the TURN ONE Restaurant.


Take a seat at the Ostschleifenterrasse with a panoramic view of BILSTER BERG or in our Clubhaus with an impressive lounge area.


We give you and your customers the energy you need between or after your driving experiences or meetings. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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