Club room

The spacious club room is approximately 210 m² but only part of this area is fully usable because of the supporting V-shaped pillars. There are 36 seats at nine bistro tables. The high-quality leather sofas expand this capacity by an additional 24 seats. We can accommodate different or additional seating requests for an extra charge. In the summer, your guests can enjoy the spacious terrace, which has rattan furniture for seating 80 people. Depending on the type of event and choice of seating, larger numbers of people can be accommodated in the casual atmosphere of the clubhaus.
The club room has a bar with attached relay kitchen. Meals prepared in the Ostschleifenterrasse main kitchen are usually served from there as a buffet.
There is a total of 21 sockets (Schuko), which can be controlled via a display. There are also two 16 A sockets (three-phase current) and two 16 A sockets (Schuko AC) available in the power distributor outside the clubhaus for charging electric vehicles.

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