Pit Halls

The pit halls are located in the lower and upper paddock, directly at the start/finish line stretch. The ceiling height is 4.50 m to the lower edge of the lighting. The sectional roller doors with wicket door are 3.125 m high and 3.50 m wide.
The upper paddock has four 380 m² pit halls, each of which can accommodate up to 24 vehicles. The lower paddock also has four pit halls. Two of the halls are 380 m² and the other two are 560 m² so they can accommodate up to 36 cars.

Each pit hall has either four or six sectional rolling doors, half of which lead to the paddock, the other half lead to the pit lane.
There are one and two restrooms in the respective halls, each of which has two showers and one unisex toilet. In addition to WiFi and LAN connections, all of the halls are also equipped with a TV connection. Two TVs are available, which can be mounted on the respective wall brackets.

The pit halls are not heated, but each of the halls in the lower and upper paddock are insulated and sound-proofed so they can be heated to a reasonable degree. Six fan heaters are available to rent for heating the halls.

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