Fundraising campaign Verein für krebskranke Kinder Hannover e.V.

In Germany, about 2,200 children and adolescents are newly diagnosed with cancer every year ─ the shock is deep for many families. However, thanks to age-appropriate and professional treatment that is gentle and effective at the same time, the cure rates in Germany are very good. Thanks to standardised treatment plans with quality-assured procedures, the cure rates could be increased to 75% overall. This makes them among the highest in industrialised countries. There is hardly any other field of cancer medicine in Germany where such good results have been achieved as in the fight against childhood cancer. Through the work of the Verein für krebskranke Kinder Hannover e.V., all efforts are being made to further improve the chances of cure for sick children in the future.

Since 1984, the association has helped and supported affected families and the children’s cancer ward at the Hannover Medical School. The goals are to accompany children with cancer and their families during the difficult time of the disease, to offer support, encouragement and exchange, to improve the expansion and equipment of the children’s hospital and to support scientific research. Many different offers, such as art, music or sports therapy, help the sick children through the difficult times and promote healing. All this costs a lot of money, usually more than the health insurance companies cover. The association collects the necessary funds through donations.

Frank Pillhock, Björn Nagel (NET-Tuning) and Sebastian Weisemann support the association out of a strong sense of conviction. The children experience an even greater burden through Corona and, for example, the severely restricted visitation rights than outsiders would suspect. Race taxi rides at the BILSTER BERG raise funds for the Verein für krebskranke Kinder Hannover e.V. (Hannover Association for Children with Cancer). As a driver, Sebastian Weisemann already had 10 co-drivers in his racing taxi this year. On 14 August, the time had come again and several participants were allowed to take a seat in the racing taxi. During the lunch break, 4 children were also allowed to take a ride. This way, more than 3,500€ could be collected this year and more than 12,000€ in the last 3 years. The fundraiser was a successful and eventful day for all participants.

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