Uni Project: a photo series on the new grid girl

For the photoshoot for a university magazine project of the Academy for Fashion and Design in Düsseldorf, the BILSTER BERG became a catwalk for a few hours. Together with the film production agency Storytofilm, the make-up artist Diana Wellkamp, the model Zawenkul Kakkar and Janifer Vaati as stylist, a series of pictures were taken for the magazine’s photo series.

During the photoshoot, the topic of women in racing was to be critically questioned and rethought. In the past, these women were often dismissed and photographed as the drivers’ ornaments or as grid girls. That has completely changed! In this photoshoot, the aim was to overcome the past and show today’s women in motorsport. Who is she? Where is she? Often they are still in the background, but some female racing drivers, such as Sophia Flörsch, are slowly making their way to the front. There are also more and more female engineers, mechanics and team managers. But there is still a long way to go, which is why the photoshoot focuses on this topic.

As a result, it shows the modern woman in motorsport, women who want to write their own story and make the world of racing do some thinking. Women who are the centre of attention and not just on the sidelines, who are actively involved in the action and do what they like. These women are determined, bold and curious. They rewrite the rules and want not only to be heard but also to make lasting change.

The photo series appears in the university magazine project “BOXENLUDER” (gird girl), a term that is also to be redefined in the magazine. Away from the girls seeking recognition and attention, towards the self-confident and curious woman. They are the new grid girls who are looked up to, who question critically and break barriers.

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