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The signals of our time suggest right now that the time is ripe for a reorientation. The question arises whether large events with thousands of visitors will still be possible after the Covid19 pandemic. At the BILSTER BERG we are seizing the opportunity and taking the first step in a new direction now.

“Small but nice” has always been our guiding principle. With the #Projekt75 in cooperation with Carsten Krome / netzwerkeins and the ADAC OWL, we are applying this to our own motorsports format, which we hope will become a series. At the same time, we want motorsport enthusiasts and all friends of the BILSTER BERG to be able to take part in this event. That’s why the Track action will also be available to watch online. Our partner  Carsten Krome will not only anchor the programme, but will also make this event the first multimedia activated regularity test at the BILSTER BERG.

#Project75 at the BILSTER BERG: the most important facts at a glance

  • Sunday, 11 July 2021 and Sunday, 24th October 2021 at the BILSTER BERG
  • Regularity test for touring cars (classic cars) and (Cup) GT in GLP mode 2 without minimum time requirement
  • 75 minutes track time (30 minutes practice, 1 x 15 minutes warm-up, 1 x 30 minutes classification run)
  • The current market value of the participants’ vehicles “must” not exceed 75,000 EUR
  • Noise emission of the participant vehicles under full load and measured directly at the vehicle must not exceed 130 db(A)
  • A maximum of 75 persons may be present on site (with a minimum of 15 cars participating)
  • DMSB driver licence level National C or DMSB race card via app sufficient
  • DMSB licence also compulsory for co-drivers
  • Trophies are awarded for up to 30 percent of the overall ranking – a sense of achievement for everyone
  • Reasonable entry fee including a small catering on site of 500,- EUR. Co-driver tickets at a rate of 50,- EUR.

The ADAC OWL is responsible for the professional sporting organisation of the events. The generally valid specifications from club sport apply. The GLP is held in the so-called Mode 2.

The participant vehicles do not require a currently valid homologation or a currently valid car passport. However, they must have been certified accordingly in the past.

Other important download links for participants in #Projekt75

With the #Projekt75, we would like to call together like-minded motorsports people who meet in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. The #Projekt75 promises socially acceptable sporting conditions, a low risk of collisions on the track and no fighting against each other. Co-drivers (i.e. potential race taxi guests with a co-driver ticket) are expressly permitted and welcome.

Be part of the #Projekt75 at the BILSTER BERG!

After the first publications of #Projekt75 at the turn of the year, more and more questions arose from the circle of potential participants. The most important question was, of course, about the approved vehicles – these must either comply with a DMSB homologation or the DMSB Club Sport regulations. The latter means: safety devices such as a Clubsport roll bar, HANS-capable driver’s seat and corresponding six-point seat belts must be available. In general, it is therefore also possible to convert a sporty road vehicle for participation in the #Projekt75. The average market value for the vehicle type used should not exceed 75,000 EUR in order to comply with the principle of grassroots-oriented mass sport.

In addition, questions arose about the sporting mode of staging of the event. The essentials in brief:

  • The ADAC Ostwestfalen-Lippe (ADAC OWL) will be the sporting organiser of this year’s two events on 11 July and 24 October 2021.
  • One set lap and then six laps of the same speed as far as possible must be completed in each competition.
  • Co-drivers are allowed, but not necessarily required.
  • Classic cars are also expressly welcome and entitled to start within the scope of their respective DMSB homologation
  • Furthermore, the specific regulations at the BILSTER BERG regarding noise protection, etc. apply (more than 130 dB(A) noise emission at the exhaust at full throttle is not permitted).
  • 500,- EUR entry fee for a single event can also be paid via NETZWERKEINS GO!, the online shop of netzwerkeins GmbH.