Breakfast, brunch or coffee at the BILSTER BERG

The TURN ONE restaurant at the BILSTER BERG primarily caters for the participants of the events taking place. Therefore, it is in general not open to the public.

On selected dates, however, the TURN ONE opens its doors to all interested parties. Those who reserve a table in advance can come for breakfast, brunch or themed dinner events. Of course, the dates are chosen so that visitors will be able to watch some driving action on the Track.

At “Coffee, Cake & Cars” or “Coffee, Cake & Bikes” the TURN ONE opens at coffee time. You may visit BILSTER BERG and watch a Trackday for cars or motorcycles. As the name suggests, there will also be coffee and cake at the restaurant. Again, prior registration is required.

This is what you can generally expect at our gastronomic visitor events:

  • Table reservation required (breakfast, brunch, themed dinner events).
  • Prior booking required (Coffee, Cake & Cars/Bikes)
  • Panoramic view of the track and paddock from the restaurant
  • Spacious terrace with a view directly onto the track
  • Mostly Regional origin of food and beverages
  • Racetrack atmosphere and gastronomic pleasure in one package

Dates can be found in the Events Calendar under the category “Gastronomy”:

Gift vouchers are available from our gastronomy partner “Marcus Schuster Gastronomie”:

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