Racetrack Training

The beginner’s driving training to get to know the Track

Do you have a sporty car you want to drive on the Racetrack? You would like to drive on the Racetrack for the first time ever? Would you like to give someone the opportunity to get to know the BILSTER BERG? Then the “Racetrack Training” is just the right thing for you.

In small groups of maximum seven cars you follow your instructor around the Track. You will gradually memorise the route and get to know the braking and turn-in points. We increase the speed from stint to stint.

The two versions, “Racetrack Training Basic” and “Racetrack Training Sport” are the perfect introductory courses for all motorsport and BILSTER BERG newcomers. Because here you will learn the basics of sporty driving.

If you have not had any experience at all on Racetracks, the “Racetrack Training Basic” is your choice. If you have already been active on the BILSTER BERG or on other Racetracks, we recommend the “Racetrack Training Sport”.

It is not absolutely necessary to participate with a sporty car. Especially in the “Basic” section, participation is possible with any road-legal car.

The “Racetrack Training” is not a spectator event. Participation is possible for a maximum of one driver and one co-driver per vehicle.

This is what you can expect at the “Racetrack Training” for road-legal cars:

  • Theoretical introduction to sporty driving
  • Driving your own vehicle
  • 4 x 20 minutes guided driving
  • radio supported
  • Groups of a maximum of 4 vehicles (Sport)
  • Professional and qualified instructors
  • 1 additional co-driver can be booked
  • saftey facilities

“Racetrack Training” dates are usually announced at short notice, about 3 weeks before the event. We also offer Trainings in the off-season, as long as the weather allows for it.

The “Racetrack Training” is also available as a gift voucher.

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