Trackdays for motorcycles

The free ride for motorcyclists

The two- and four-wheeled vehicles are strictly separated at the BILSTER BERG. They do not drive on the Track at the same time. While some organisers offer stints for both cars and motorcycles in alternation, most Motorcycle Trackday organisers stay true to the two-wheeler.

The weekends are particularly popular. For the two-day driving events, participants often arrive as early as Friday evening to camp out in The Paddock or Pits until Sunday.

The concept, group sizes and categories and other conditions of participation are determined by the organisers themselves. The subject of noise protection is particularly important, because many a motorcycle that is allowed to ride on the road exceeds the limits at the BILSTER BERG. DB eaters are therefore always compulsory.

This is what to expect from free riding for motorbikes in general:

  • Group sizes about 25-30 vehicles on the route at the same time
  • Conducted with own motorcycles
  • Group categories based on experience
  • Sound monitoring with warning system (exclusion from the event also possible)
  • Transponder compulsory (transponders will be handed and installed on site according to BILSTER BERG standards.)
  • Motorcycle combi compulsory (partly with back protectors)
  • Often overnight stays in The Paddock (not during Corona)
  • Convivial rounds and plenty of time for technical discussions
  • And much more exciting stuff…

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