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Come visit the BILSTER BERG

The BILSTER BERG is not a public place. Most of the events on offer are private functions for the registered participants only. Depending on the purpose of the event, these are more or less “sealed off”. This category includes, for example, vehicle presentations or photo and film shoots, some of which are even secret.

Therefore it is important to us to create opportunities for all friends of the BILSTER BERG to come visit. The season opening and season closing events have been established in this respect by now. Under the name “BILSTER BERG erFahren” (Experience BILSTER BERG) there is a small “open day” at the beginning and end of the season.

The programme usually includes everything the BILSTER BERG has to offer: the Restaurant TURN ONE is open, there are Race Taxi rides and Racetrack Training sessions for testing. Test drives can be undertaken on the Dynamic Area and the Off-Road Course, while some of our partners exhibit themselves and their products in the Pit Halls.

Due to the current pandemic situation, all “BILSTER BERG erFahren” had to be cancelled in 2020. The start of the season in 2021 has also not taken place.

In addition to “BILSTER BERG erFahren”, the programmes “Coffee, Cake & Cars” or “Coffee, Cake & Bikes” are further opportunities to get to know the BILSTER BERG. The dates are carefully chosen to match with an Trackdays at the weekend or sometimes on a public holiday. After prior registration, you can explore the BILSTER BERG as you please and enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake in the TURN ONE Restaurant.

Admission to all spectator events is free. However, prior registration or booking of free admission tickets is necessary. Additional offers, such as Race Taxi rides or similar, can usually be booked in advance for a fee.

This is what you can expect at Spectators Events in general:

  • Prior registration always required
  • Free admission
  • Additional offers for a fee (e.g. race taxi rides at “BILSTER BERG erFahren”)
  • Access to the BILSTER BERG premises
  • Sufficient parking spaces within walking distance of the Paddock
  • Experience the Racetrack atmosphere up close
  • And much more…

Dates for Spectators Events can be found in the Events Calendar under the category “Spectators Events”:

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