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The Racetrack.

4.2 kilometers long, 19 turns, 26 percent grade – and your brand right in the middle.
The topography at BILSTER BERG is an ideal for creating exceptional experiences. Experience driving on an exceptional track. Your track.

Unmistakable turns.

We’ll put you, your products and your brand in the pole position on one of the most demanding racetracks in Europe.

What makes the BILSTER BERG so unique is not only the special ambience of the park-like, landscaped grounds. But most of all, it is the 4.2 kilometer long strip of asphalt, which is already regarded as a special highlight among racetracks in Europe, not only among motorsport professionals. BILSTER BERG offers the ideal conditions for every automotive enthusiast. But above all: for your brand.

The adjustable circuit can be divided up into the 1.8 kilometer long west loop and the 2.4 kilometer long east loop. The asphalt guides you over 44 crests and dips, 19 turns with a downhill grade of up to 26 percent and uphill grades of up to 21 percent. The cumulative elevation change of more than 200 meters also brings your target group’s brand driving experience into high gear.


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The Racetrack


The building is situated at the highest point on the grounds, between the Racetrack and Off-Road Course. In addition to the spacious terrace, there is also a sizable meeting room and a large club room with lounge sofas and a bar. Having the Racetrack and the Off-Road Course in the immediate vicinity of these areas make the clubhaus the perfect complement to your event. 360° view

Dynamic Area.

The Dynamic Area is divided up into three interconnected levels, which can be wetted down separately or altogether. The middle level has a six percent downhill grade. In addition, the area has a 10 x 80 meter sliding surface in the extension of the approach. This sliding surface is always wetted down and allows for variable road grip.


Each side of the Racetrack has its own pit lane and a paddock. This unique feature makes each event more comfortable and opens up the possibility of arranging multiple events at the same time. Both areas offer four pit halls, which can be divided up into individual pits. The upper paddock has a total area of 8,000 square meters, while the lower paddock is at your disposal with its 6,000 square meters. 360° view

Off-Road Hall.

Our 250-square-meter Off-Road Hall sets the ideal stage for impressively promoting your brand right next to the Off-Road Course. There is a car wash and a workshop area for technical support of the vehicles. In addition to a hydraulic lift, you will also find a complete set of cleaning equipment there, which allows you to present your brand at the highest level.

Skid pad.

The skid pad has a diameter of 55 meters that can be wetted down. This area offers the best possible conditions for cornering and corner braking in exceptional situations or even for training yourself personally.

Start and finish.

The 600-meter-long, 12-meter-wide home stretch at the start and finish line sets the ideal stage for impressive accelerations off the starting blocks and exciting photo finishes.

TURN ONE restaurant.

During your event at BILSTER BERG, you can fortify yourself for the next round at the TURN ONE restaurant. The extensive offering ranges from traditional cuisine to fine delicacies. The restaurant's terrace also provides you with a fascinating 360-degree overview of the Racetrack and a sensational view of the home stretch. 360° view

Car wash and workshop hall.

There is a car wash and a workshop hall for technical support of the vehicles. In addition to two hydraulic lifts, you will also find a complete set of cleaning equipment there, which allows you to present your brand at the highest level. 360° view

The Racetrack The Off-Road Course The Dynamic Area

4.2 kilometers - which can be divided up into the 1.8 kilometer long west loop and the 2.4 kilometer long east loop. 44 crests and dips, 19 turns, downhill grades of up to 26 percent, uphill grades of up to 21 percent and a cumulative elevation change of more than 200 meters.

You can use an area of four kilometers for your brand, with several levels of difficulty and an abundance of challenging topography. Twists and turns, steep runs and water-filled ditches await you and make every drive through the terrain unforgettable.

This area is 320 x 60 meters and has combinable options for wetting sections of the track down. It is an ideal area for driver safety, braking, cornering and slalom training, as well as preparing for the challenging sections of the Racetrack. The integrated water circuit, which is called a skid pad, has a diameter of 55 meters and makes it possible to simulate critical cornering optimally.

The numbers

4,2 km Gesamtstrecke (teilbar in Ost- und Westschleife)
2,4 km Ostschleife
1,8 km Westschleife
10 bis 12 m Streckenbreite
19 Kurven
44 Kuppen und Wannen
70 m Höhenunterschied
204 m kumulierter Höhenunterschied
Stärkstes Gefälle 26 %
Stärkste Steigung 21 %
Off-road course
5 km total distance (can be driven in both directions)
5 ha total area
26 sections
Uphill/ downhill grade: min 10° / 18%
Uphill/ downhill grade: max 45° / 100 %
Dynamic area
Over 20.000 m² available surface, irrigated
Length 320 m x width 60 m
Skidpad, length 80 m x width 10 m, irrigated
8 pit halls in 2 paddocks (approx. 400–600 sqm each)
2 industrial and workshop halls
1 car wash- & service hall at the Racetrack
Long-term rental halls upon request
1 wash- & service hall in the Off-Road/SUV building
TURN ONE Restaurant with up to 120 indoor seats
40 outdoor seats on the terrace (can be expanded)
Conference and Meeting rooms: 70 sqm and 80 sqm
Event room: 30 sqm
Reception/Accreditation area

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    TURN ONE Restaurant
    TURN ONE Restaurant
    When the training takes you to your limits, you can turn to our catering team to recharge you. Our partner’s colleagues are here to take excellent care of you and your guests.
    Conferences & Meetings
    Conferences & Meetings
    Each area has modern, well-appointed facilities for holding conferences, meetings or a get together.
    Technical Service
    Technical Service
    Whether it comes to balancing your chassis, repairs or tire service – our on-site partner “Classic & Speed” is here with their comprehensive service to make sure that you do not miss anything on your event.

    Closer than you think!

    Surrounded by breathtaking nature in the middle of the Teutoburg Forest, BILSTER BERG has excellent access to the most important arterial roads and airports.