TURN ONE restaurant

The restaurant is located on the upper floor of the Ostschleifenterrasse and has room for 120 people to dine together. The conference room on the same floor can be used to increase the maximum number of people to about 150. Standard interior seating is available. When the weather allows, you can also enjoy the large terrace overlooking the track. An additional 40 seats are available there. Both of these areas can be expanded for an extra charge if the customer requests it.

Conference room on the upper floor

The conference room is approximately 6.5 x 11 m (about 74 m²) and can hold up to 40 people with theater-style seating. The room has both interior and exterior blinds that can darken the room completely. The ceiling height is about 3 m. An acoustic ceiling is installed here is well and it must not be damaged. The room has a total of four floor outlets. Each floor outlet has six sockets (Schuko) and a LAN connection. One of the floor outlets also has a TV connection.

Event organizer’s office on the ground floor in the Ostschleifenterrasse

The organizer office measures 6.5 x 5 m (about 35 m²). The area available is restricted by about 50 cm by a V-shaped pillar on one side of the room. The ceiling height is about 3 m. The acoustic ceiling must not be touched here as well. The room can be dimmed with interior blinds. You will find three sockets (Schuko), as well as a LAN connection in a floor power outlet. There is another socket (Schuko) located next to the door.

Presentation room on the ground floor in the Ostschleifenterrasse

The presentation room on the ground floor measures approximately 6 x 13 m (about 80 m²) so there is room for up to 70 people with theater-style seating. The ceiling height is about 3 m. If you are setting up a booth or stand, we ask that you take special care not to damage the very sensitive acoustic ceiling.
The room can be dimmed with exterior and interior blinds. A projection screen is installed in the ceiling and it can be extended and retracted electrically. There is a floor power outlet with three AC sockets (Schuko 16 A) and a LAN connection, sockets (Schuko) in all four corners of the room and on the two columns left of the entrances to provide you with electricity.
The double-wing exterior door measures approximately 2.70 m wide and is big enough for a vehicle to be pushed into the room for presentations. An underlayment is absolutely necessary in order to distribute the weight of the vehicle and to protect the floor from dirt. The vehicle’s gas tank must be emptied.


The Ostschleifenterrasse is the heart of BILSTER BERG and the central station for track safety. The large glass facades around the building and the spacious terrace both afford a perfect view of the start/finish line.

Hotel recommendations

You will find various bed-and-breakfasts, private accommodations and vacation apartments in the vicinity of BILSTER BERG. We also recommend the 3-star Ringhotel Germanenhof in Steinheim-Sandebeck, which is only about a 7-minute drive from BILSTER BERG. The 4-star Superior “Gräflicher Park Grand Resort” in Bad Driburg is available for higher-end accommodations.

Accommodations for truck drivers

In exceptional cases, truck drivers may stay in their vehicles at certain locations on the property for a maximum of one night. A fee will be charged for these spots. Please note that the sanitary facilities are only available for limited times during the night, and advance booking is always required no matter the circumstances.

Accommodations for participants

Staying overnight in tents, the pit halls, trailers or RVs is not permitted. Exceptions can be granted if additional night-time security is booked. We would also be happy to send you our list of hotel recommendations.

Where can I park?

Ample parking is available in the paddock area (14,000 m² in total), as well as in the D-row above directly at the Ostschleifenterrasse (east loop terrace). The dynamic area is often used as an additional parking area for large events.
Parking spaces for about 60 vehicles are available at the off-road course and clubhaus.

Main gate

The BILSTER BERG property is guarded 24 hours a day by site security. The entrance gate between is not manned directly between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. The security staff can still be reached at any time during these hours. When the gate is closed, there will be a telephone number on the gate which you can call to reach the relevant staff.


The BILSTER BERG property is completely fenced in and monitored 24 hours a day by our security staff. The natural topography and vegetation make the area practically invisible, so it is ideal for sensitive filming, vehicle testing or product launches. Confidentiality agreements are also possible if required.

Arrival by helicopter

Arrivals by helicopter are not permitted.


Deliveries of materials and vehicles in preparation for an event can be made as long as they are registered with the event department in advance. A Bilster Berg Drive Resort GmbH & Co. KG employee must always be present to receive the deliveries. For this reason, please stick to the specified delivery time windows, weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Access for guests and participants

Access to the site is granted to all event participants as well as those who have an arranged appointment. As an event organizer, you can provide your participants with clearance passes that identify them as participants, or you can submit a list of participants to site security. You are free to draw up the design/layout of the clearance passes as you like – the only fixed part of the design is a pattern that the security staff will use to clear the vehicle. The lists of participants need to be submitted to your BILSTER BERG contact in good time and no later than 24 hours before your event at the latest. If you have an appointment with a BILSTER BERG employee, he/she will register it with site security.

Conference room

The conference room in the clubhaus is identical to the presentation room in the Ostschleifenterrase. It is approximately 6 x 13 m (about 80 m²) and can accommodate a maximum of 70 people with theater-style seating. The ceiling height is about 3 m. If you install anything in this room, please make sure that the sensitive acoustic ceiling is not damaged.
The room can be completely dimmed with exterior and interior blinds. A projection screen has been built into the ceiling and it can be extended and retracted electrically. There is a floor power outlet with three AC sockets (Schuko 16 A) and a LAN connection, sockets (Schuko) in all four corners of the room and on the two columns left of the entrances to provide you with electricity.
The double-wing exterior door measures approximately 2.70 m wide and is big enough for a vehicle to be pushed into the room for presentations. An underlayment is absolutely necessary in order to distribute the weight of the vehicle and to protect the floor from dirt. The vehicle’s gas tank must be emptied.

Club room

The spacious club room is approximately 210 m² but only part of this area is fully usable because of the supporting V-shaped pillars. There are 36 seats at nine bistro tables. The high-quality leather sofas expand this capacity by an additional 24 seats. We can accommodate different or additional seating requests for an extra charge. In the summer, your guests can enjoy the spacious terrace, which has rattan furniture for seating 80 people. Depending on the type of event and choice of seating, larger numbers of people can be accommodated in the casual atmosphere of the clubhaus.
The club room has a bar with attached relay kitchen. Meals prepared in the Ostschleifenterrasse main kitchen are usually served from there as a buffet.
There is a total of 21 sockets (Schuko), which can be controlled via a display. There are also two 16 A sockets (three-phase current) and two 16 A sockets (Schuko AC) available in the power distributor outside the clubhaus for charging electric vehicles.

Pit Halls

The pit halls are located in the lower and upper paddock, directly at the start/finish line stretch. The ceiling height is 4.50 m to the lower edge of the lighting. The sectional roller doors with wicket door are 3.125 m high and 3.50 m wide.
The upper paddock has four 380 m² pit halls, each of which can accommodate up to 24 vehicles. The lower paddock also has four pit halls. Two of the halls are 380 m² and the other two are 560 m² so they can accommodate up to 36 cars.

Each pit hall has either four or six sectional rolling doors, half of which lead to the paddock, the other half lead to the pit lane.
There are one and two restrooms in the respective halls, each of which has two showers and one unisex toilet. In addition to WiFi and LAN connections, all of the halls are also equipped with a TV connection. Two TVs are available, which can be mounted on the respective wall brackets.

The pit halls are not heated, but each of the halls in the lower and upper paddock are insulated and sound-proofed so they can be heated to a reasonable degree. Six fan heaters are available to rent for heating the halls.

Industrial and Workshop Hall

The Industrial and Workshop Hall is divided into two insulated workshop rooms, each with an area of about 160 m². A door connects the two rooms. Each of the rooms has a heated office space with a LAN connection. One side of the hall has one hydraulic lift and the other side of the hall has two. The dimensions of the gates are: 3.140 x 3.125 m. There is a central restroom for both workshop rooms with two toilets, a sink and a washbasin.


Power supply:


Right-side workshop room:

32 A three-phase current: Workroom 1 connection

16 A AC (Schuko): Workroom 10 connections / office unit 6


Left-side workshop room:

32 A three-phase current: Workroom 1 connection

16 A AC (Schuko): Workroom 12 connections / office unit 6

SUV Presentation Hall

The SUV Presentation Hall is located directly on the off-road course and is divided up into a parking area and a lounge area. The lounge area is a comfortable place for guests to relax in a classically rustic setting with a roaring log fire.
You can display your vehicles in the SUV Presentation Hall parking area. Your vehicles will be in the spotlight when seen through the large glass facade. You also have access to a washing hall with a hydraulic lift and steam cleaner in the same building, all of which is included in the rental price.
There is also a restroom with unisex toilet, urinal and sink inside the hall as well.

Welcome Hall

The Welcome Hall is a smaller building just opposite the administration building, which all event participants pass by on their way to the paddock. The Welcome Hall has a large glass facade and space in front of the building that can be used as an additional exhibition and presentation space for events.


The administration building is the first new building with glass facades which you pass by on your way to the paddock. This is where you will find the BILSTER BERG offices. Feel free to drop by or call if you have a question and can’t find an employee right away. We’ll be happy to assist you.


The Ostschleifenterrasse has a men’s and a women’s restroom, each with two sinks and three toilet stalls. There are also four urinals in the men’s room. The wheelchair accessible restroom can be found to the right of hall D22, just after leaving the Ostschleifenterrasse over the bridge.

Like the Ostschleifenterrasse, the clubhaus also has a men’s and a women’s restroom, each with two sinks and three toilet stalls. There are also three urinals in the men’s room. The building does not have a wheelchair accessible restroom.

Pit halls
There is a restroom in the small pit halls with two showers and a unisex toilet. There are two restrooms each with the same equipment in the large pit halls.

If needed, there is access in each paddock to a separate washroom building with five showers with a separate dressing room, four women’s and three men’s restrooms as well as urinals. There is also a wheelchair accessible restroom.

Wheelchair accessible restrooms
There is a wheelchair accessible restroom in the separate washroom buildings in both the lower and upper paddock, as well as in hall D22.

Conferences, meetings, seminars

Several meeting and seminar rooms (see also “The Location”) for up to 70 people are at your disposal at BILSTER BERG. For larger groups of up to about 250 people, we recommend expanding a pit hall for use as a conference room. Additional exhibition construction costs can be expected (for example carpet/floor covering, seating, conference technology).

Racing circuit

The racing circuit at the BILSTER BERG is 4.2 km long and is a pleasure to drive on, with its 19 curves and 44 crests and dips. The “mouse trap” with a 26% downhill grade, a 180 degree curve and the following steep face with a 21% uphill grade is one of the highlights of the challenging route. The track is nestled into the existing topography of the mountain, resulting in a cumulative elevation change of 204 m for every lap driven. A veritable roller coaster of a ride that continuously challenges man and machine.
Your driving event will be safeguarded by our track safety staff. The track safety manager monitors the entire 4.2 km of track from the Race Control unit by means of 26 HD cameras. Up to eight trackside sports marshals are posted around the track to raise signal flags and to jump in and provide help in the event of an emergency. The aid cars, each manned by two men, are there for towing, extinguishing fires and generally coming to the rescue. In addition, the health of your participants is always in the good hands of the ambulance and crew. For motorcycle events, it is mandatory to have an emergency doctor on site.
The configuration with double paddocks and double pit lanes at BILSTER BERG provides a great deal of flexibility. Events can be coordinated seamlessly when one starts from the upper pit lane and the other starts from the lower one.

Off-road course

The off-road course offers just under four kilometers of defined tracks. You can choose from among routes with four different difficulty levels. These routes are marked with yellow (SUV), blue (easy), red (medium) and black (difficult) panels. An overview showing all of the section descriptions and positions can be found on and in the SUV presentation hall. The basic layout of the course is designed for classic off-road vehicles such as Land Rover Defenders, Mercedes G-models, Toyota Land Cruisers, etc. The routes marked in yellow were created retrospectively for SUVs, such as Porsche Cayennes/Macans or Mercedes GL (C, E, S) class and the like and provide a safe driving experience. A maximum of 15 vehicles may be driven on the course at the same time according to the permit. Unfortunately, quads, buggies, motorcycles and ATVs are not allowed to drive there.

Dynamic area

The dynamic area measures approximately 400 x 60 m. It is laid out on two levels and can be completely wetted down. The 80 x 10 m sliding surface has additional configuration options for various kinds of training.

The area is designed for a maximum of 10 vehicles being driven at the same time. You can enjoy a coffee break in the modified shipping container in the dynamic area. Restrooms are in the immediate vicinity, located within walking distance in the industrial and workshop hall.

What is the maximum permissible sound power per vehicle?

The maximum permissible sound power per vehicle is 138 dB(A), measured according to the DMSB pass-by measurement method (LWA method). Please note that this is the maximum allowed value according to the approval. If several vehicles will be driving on the track at the same time and you want to take full advantage of the available daily noise allotment, the sound power per vehicle should not exceed 128 dB(A). This value applies to 30 vehicles driving on the track at the same time.

How many vehicles can drive on the track at the same time?

The maximum allowable number for the racing circuit is 50 vehicles. In terms of noise management, it makes sense to reduce this number depending on the type of event and the type of vehicles that will be participating. Experience has shown that a good size is about 30 to 35 cars per group.

What is the noise data sheet?

An acoustic engineering office carries out a feasibility study for each event beforehand. For this study, you will need to fill out and send in the sound data sheet as well as the daily schedule. Alternatively, you can submit a vehicle list from a comparable past event for this purpose.
The timetable is needed to be able to determine exactly which vehicles will be driving on the track at what times. If your event starts at 8:00 a.m. with the accreditation and briefing and you don’t start driving until 9:00 a.m., the first hour does not count towards the time where noise is an issue; the same goes for lunch breaks or breaks between each driving session.
The acoustic engineers can use this information to calculate the expected noise emission of the event and give recommendations for the number of vehicles and how best to combine them.

Why do we need transponders?

The front of every vehicle on the track needs to be equipped with a transponder (radiator/license plate). The transponders enable the volume measured at the noise measuring stations to be assigned directly to the individual vehicles. A maximum of one transponder may be active per vehicle for this reason. Similarly, once a transponder is registered for a given vehicle, it may not be used on a different vehicle on the same day.
The necessary transponders will be provided to all organizers free of charge on the part of BILSTER BERG. A total of 170 transponders are available. If you lose a transponder or transponder holder, replacement costs will be due according to the price list.

Can I use my own transponders?

We use transponders from the company MyLaps at BILSTER BERG. If you have your own transponders from this company, you are welcome to use them. Please inform us of the 7-digit transponder number before the event together with the detailed vehicle type so that this information can be uploaded to the noise monitoring system.

What is a transponder list?

The transponder list includes all vehicles and their starting number and transponder number, which are registered for the driving event on the racing circuit. It is the organizer’s responsibility to maintain this list and make it available to BILSTER BERG in good time before the event. For this reason, it makes sense to ask about the necessary data directly at booking.
The vehicle data must be as detailed as possible. Specifying only the series, such as ”Porsche 911” is not enough. A full description needs to include the make, model, series and engine of the vehicle. For example: “Porsche 911 (997) GT3 4.0 RS” – in case of uncertainties please note the year of production.

Are starting numbers necessary?

Every vehicle on the track must be able to be visually identified by a starting number. Please note the following requirements for this:
• Affix the numbers on the right and left side of the vehicle in a clearly visible position,
such as on the doors
• They must be produced with black numbers on a white background
• For private cars, the font height must be at least 22cm
• Shorter font heights are allowed for motorcycles
• Any other starting numbers on the vehicles must be made completely indecipherable
or removed, in order to prevent any confusion.

At what times can the track be used?

The main hours of operation for the circuit start at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m. on weekdays. Operating hours start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 8:00 p.m. on Sundays and holidays. In addition, there is a mandatory lunch break from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (engines silent) on Sundays and holidays. In exceptional cases, operations can be resumed at 2:30 p.m.
Special regulations apply to noise emissions between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Are there any noise protection guidelines for the dynamic area?

Yes, there are. The maximum permissible noise emission per vehicle on the dynamic surface is 112 dB(A) or 122 dB(A) for screeching tires. No driving is permitted at night, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Branding & Advertising
  • In principle, BILSTER BERG is exclusively a “white label” site. This means that there is no external company advertising permanently installed anywhere on the site. The only exceptions are the following, locally based companies.

Status: January 2018


  • Classic & Speed, Hall A2, logo affixed above the gate. Visible from the lower paddock
  • Glinicke Group, Hall B6, lower paddock, logo affixed above the gate, banners. No brand-specific branding. Visible from: Lower paddock, lower pit lane, upper pit lane, Ostschleifenterrasse, the terrace at the TURN ONE restaurant.
  • CPM Event, Hall E29, logo affixed above the gate, banners Visible from the TURN ONE restaurant and the parking lot.


Branding for your event is limited only by the usual security policies. A prerequisite in every case is that all of your branding materials can be removed without leaving any residues after your event is over. The following branding options are available to you at BILSTER BERG:

  • 14 banner poles
  • 1 frame for the billboard at the C14 pit hall
  • 1 frame for the banner at the bridge over the start and finish line
  • 19 signs along the track
  • Stationary or mobile signage on the access roads


Please refer to our branding guide for details such as locations and dimensions. We will gladly send it to you on request. Other possibilities include:

  • Placing banners along the track
  • Displays, beach flags, etc.

• Structures, including exhibition stand construction and creation of your completely personal brand identity at BILSTER BERG.

At what times of day are filming or photo shoots allowed?

Filming and photo shoots are possible around the clock, in principle. The special rules for noise insulation apply to filming or photo shoot sessions outside the main hours of operation, i.e. between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

How is the use of drones for filming or photo shoots regulated?

The use of drones is generally permitted, taking the currently applicable legal requirements and regulations into account, but in individual cases it must be registered with BILSTER BERG in advance. Drones may not be used directly above the track while vehicles are in operation. The pilot needs to obtain the appropriate flight permits from the competent authority and forward them to us in advance.

How can the videos or photos be used?

The video and photographic images taken at the site can be used with the following restrictions: The personal rights of third parties must be strictly observed. This includes shots of vehicles on the track. License plates on the vehicles must be made indecipherable. Video and photos taken at private events may not be used commercially, unless the respective organizer has approved this unequivocally. No advertisements are allowed to use the Bilster Berg Drive Resort GmbH & Co. KG name and/or word & image branding without their consent.

Is there a catering service at BILSTER BERG?

The team around our restaurateur, Marcus Schuster, will be happy to provide you with everything you could wish for. Catering is available throughout the property. Whether it is a lunch buffet in the restaurant, grilled sausage in the pit hall or a cocktail reception at the clubhaus – anything is possible. Please note that the restaurant is not always open; it is only guaranteed to be open if this has been arranged for your event in advance.

Is it possible to bring my own catering business?

Catering at BILSTER BERG is run by a leaseholder who holds the exclusive catering rights on the premises. You can also commission your own caterer in special cases by making a partial compensation payment. Use of the existing catering equipment (such as kitchen appliances, equipment at the pit stops, etc.) is not possible. Please contact the catering employees directly to make further arrangements.Das Catering am BILSTER BERG wird von einem Pächter betrieben, der das exklusive Cateringrecht auf der Anlage hält. Die Beauftragung eines eigenen Caterers ist in besonderen Fällen gegen eine Abschlagszahlung möglich. Eine Nutzung des vorhandenen gastronomischen Inventars (z.B. Küchengeräte, Boxenausstattung) ist davon ausgeschlossen. Setzen Sie sich bitte zu weiteren Absprachen direkt mit den Kollegen der Gastronomie in Verbindung.

What is TURN ONE?

TURN ONE is the restaurant at BILSTER BERG. It is located on the upper floor of the Ostschleifenterrasse and has a capacity of up to 120 people. If you also use the conference room, the capacity increases to 150 people. Standard interior seating is available. When the weather allows, you can also enjoy the large terrace overlooking the track. An additional 40 seats are available there. Both of these areas can be expanded for an extra charge if the customer requests it.
TURN ONE opens its doors to the general public on selected dates for breakfast, brunch, themed events, etc. In these cases, reservations are necessary.


All of the buildings at BILSTER BERG are equipped with wireless routers inside and out, so WiFi coverage is guaranteed almost everywhere on the entire site. Wired LAN internet connections are available in the floor power outlets in the meeting rooms. Upload and download speeds are about 34 Mbps.

Where can I get my cars washed?

The F39 car wash hall is available for cleaning or preparing your vehicles. You will have access to a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner there. The hall also has two hydraulic lifts.
There is another car wash hall in the SUV presentation building on the off-road course. This is also equipped with steam cleaner, a vacuum cleaner and a hydraulic lift.

Can I also book a vehicle preparation service?

On request, we will gladly write up a quote for preparing your vehicles after they are delivered or a quote for a daily preparation service for your event.

Rental vehicles

A variety of vehicles are available to rent at BILSTER BERG. Contact us for more information.

Radio equipment

Two radios are included in order to allow communication between customers, race control and customer care. Additional radios are available on request. Of course, you can also feel free to use your own radio equipment or walkie-talkies.

Does every participant need to have a driver’s license?

Yes, every participant must have a valid driver’s license. For drivers with a provisional driver’s permit (who need to be accompanied while driving), it is necessary that the accompanying person registered on the driver’s permit is present not only at the driving event but also in the passenger seat as prescribed.

Are children allowed to participate in driving events?

Children are allowed to participate in driving events as long as they are watched over and supervised by an adult throughout the entire time. BILSTER BERG assumes no responsibility for children under any circumstances. Adolescents can ride along if they are at least 14 years old.

May I bring my pet to BILSTER BERG?

No pets of any kind are allowed at BILSTER BERG.

The provisions of the general and special terms of use as well as the regulations in the event contract also apply.

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