Off-road course

The off-road course offers just under four kilometers of defined tracks. You can choose from among routes with four different difficulty levels. These routes are marked with yellow (SUV), blue (easy), red (medium) and black (difficult) panels. An overview showing all of the section descriptions and positions can be found on and in the SUV presentation hall. The basic layout of the course is designed for classic off-road vehicles such as Land Rover Defenders, Mercedes G-models, Toyota Land Cruisers, etc. The routes marked in yellow were created retrospectively for SUVs, such as Porsche Cayennes/Macans or Mercedes GL (C, E, S) class and the like and provide a safe driving experience. A maximum of 15 vehicles may be driven on the course at the same time according to the permit. Unfortunately, quads, buggies, motorcycles and ATVs are not allowed to drive there.

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