Racing circuit

The racing circuit at the BILSTER BERG is 4.2 km long and is a pleasure to drive on, with its 19 curves and 44 crests and dips. The “mouse trap” with a 26% downhill grade and the following steep face with a 21% uphill grade is one of the highlights of the challenging route. The track is nestled into the existing topography of the mountain, resulting in a cumulative elevation change of 204 m for every lap driven. A veritable roller coaster of a ride that continuously challenges man and machine.
Your driving event will be safeguarded by our track safety staff. The track safety manager monitors the entire 4.2 km of track from the Race Control unit by means of 26 HD cameras. Up to eight trackside sports marshals are posted around the track to raise signal flags and to jump in and provide help in the event of an emergency. The aid cars, each manned by two men, are there for towing, extinguishing fires and generally coming to the rescue. In addition, the health of your participants is always in the good hands of the ambulance and crew. For motorcycle events, it is mandatory to have an emergency doctor on site.
The configuration with double paddocks and double pit lanes at BILSTER BERG provides a great deal of flexibility. Events can be coordinated seamlessly when one starts from the upper pit lane and the other starts from the lower one.

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