Qualifying at BILSTER BERG

Readers of AUTO BILD and Motortalk.de qualified in February 2017 on the race track BILSTER BERG in the Mazda MX-5 for the road trip “Curve of your life 2” in Norway…


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Guest article by Jan Gleitsmann, Ausfahrt TV. Mazda Germany invited readers of AUTOBILD and MotorTalk.de to the BILSTER BERG in February. The participants drawn from the two publications had the chance to qualify for a place on the spectacular “Kurve deines Lebens 2” road trip in Norway.


The winners of the BILSTER BERG challenge will be joining a Mazda team on Norway’s most scenic roads – the route takes them from Bergen to Kristiansund over the course of four days. The road trip is titled Kurve deines Lebens 2 (Curve of Your Life 2), because the participants get to “attack” lots of curves in Norway in a Mazda MX-5 RF.


For the qualification, the BILSTER BERG was divided into five sections in which the car enthusiasts had to face very different tests. At the clubhouse, the motto was: full braking! The participants first had to pick up speed in a Mazda MX-5 and then come to a safe stop in front of a foam wall. The best rating was given to those who came to a halt as close to the wall as possible, of course without knocking over the wall itself.


The Mazda instructors had mapped out a slalom course using pylons from the Telegraphenbogen to just before the Mausfalle. The aim was to complete the course as quickly as possible in a Mazda MX-5 RF – but knocking over pylons resulted in hefty penalties.


AUTOBILD readers and MotorTalkers were able to add two exercises to their score at the dynamics area: Mazda had prepared two MX-5s with a bowl on the bonnet. The respective driver had to steer one of the roadsters through a course with great sensitivity and skill – if possible without losing the handball rolling around in the bowl.


On the water-sprayed dynamic surface, the aim was to steer the rear-wheel-drive MX-5 to the finish line on time. Particularly when braking on the different surfaces, some drivers had great difficulty avoiding all the pylons with the necessary distance.


Then the participants had the opportunity to drive a few laps of the Westschleife of the BILSTER BERG as part of a guided tour with various RF models. The very brave participants also had the opportunity to step into the MX-5 RF with Swiss GRIP presenter Cindy Allemann. She not only showed what the little Japanese car can do, but also that the BILSTER BERG is an interesting and challenging race track.


At the end of the day, all participants met at the TURN One restaurant for coffee and cake. Judging by the sparkling eyes of the participants and the satisfied faces of the Mazda officials, everyone involved really had a great day at BILSTER BERG. The winners of the qualifying will be announced in the next few days after the individual times and videos have been evaluated.

Text: Jan Gleitsmann (Ausfahrt TV)

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