Tim Schrick on board of the new Audi R8 GT @BILSTER BERG – Cars and Faces 04.2022

Tim Schrick is a racing driver and TV presenter with a pronounced penchant for drifting. The 46-year-old has already experienced a lot in his life. Runner-up and champion in the Citroën Saxo Cup. Overall winner in the VW Beetle Cup and much more. Since 2000, Schrick has been driving beautiful cars in extreme conditions and has been filmed while doing so.

In the latest episode of Cars and Faces, he takes us on a journey into his past. Full of exciting details and stories about his early days in motorsport and what not to do with your mother’s car when you’re only 14 years old.

Tim Schrick is a fan of beautiful cars and the BILSTER BERG, which is why he recently tested the new Audi R8 GT here. In Cars and Faces he tells us what is special about the vehicle and under what conditions the test at the BILSTER BERG took place. He reports on what he particularly enjoys about the BERG and whether he has ever destroyed anything during filming. The recordings made at the BILSTER BERG are regularly shown on Triebwerk (Sport 1). With the film production company EVO7, you can now meet Schrick more often at the BERG.

His conclusion: Besides nice people and really good food, the BILSTER BERG is a nice playground where you can push vehicles to the limit. Or in short: “Heaven on earth”.


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