#Projekt75: Popular sports at the BILSTER BERG

July 11, 2021: It is a Sunday afternoon. With blue skies and sunshine, 15 sporty cars complete their laps of the BILSTER BERG for 75 minutes in a relaxed atmosphere. This is called a regularity test. The aim is not to be the fastest, but to complete all laps in the same times. The one who can do this most accurately wins.

Wait a minute: motor sports on the BILSTER BERG? Is that even possible given the strict immission guidelines? It is true that most motor sport competitions are not feasible on the track. Regularity tests are the exception.

The #Projekt75 is a concept devised by our partner Carsten Krome from netzwerkeins in Münster and Bielefeld in Westphalia. The special thing about this concept is that it sets clear rules that (must) do justice to the current pandemic conditions in the event industry.

As anchored in the project name, the number “75” is the pivotal point:

  • The driving time on the track, including the practice run and two scoring runs, is 75 minutes.
  • The value of the participating vehicles should not exceed the market average by € 75,000.
  • The number of team members present is limited to a total of 75, distributed among a maximum of 15 teams.

And why multimedia? Well, no one currently knows how long Corona will have us in its hooks, when or if events will be able to be held as they were in the past. Will we be able, allowed or want to be in one place with hundreds or thousands again?

Carsten Krome, a journalist with 35 years of professional experience, provides an answer to this: “Today, platforms like YouTube put us in a position to offer digital television in 4K quality in the form of an online TV magazine with comparatively manageable effort. BILSTER BERG CARS AND FACES, which was established in 2019 by Frank Igelbrinck and Philip Hagemann from BILSTER BERG, has shown that it is indeed possible. netzwerkeins_tv, the YouTube channel of netzwerkeins, provides the platform – also for everything we are conceptually preparing for #Project75.”

So it will be a small event, according to the motto ‘small but nice. In accordance with the pandemic and the current conditions, the #Projekt75 is not intended to be a mega event. On the contrary, it’s about getting together with like-minded people along the track in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere and spending a nice Sunday afternoon together.

It’s not about (sports) politics and showing off, not about expensive cars and chichi. It’s about having fun in motorsport, having fun in a friendly atmosphere – fun at the BILSTER BERG, with its uniquely down-to-earth yet exclusive atmosphere.

And for those who do not have a suitable car, tst sport + technik, another partner of #Projekt75, offers the possibility of renting or even buying vehicles, depending on budget and ambition.

So it continues to stay interesting at the BILSTER BERG, as Carsten Krome confirms: ” The demand for authentic, real grassroots sport is enormous, and not only at the BILSTER BERG. We spent a year thinking about what we could leave out in order to be able to pass on the lowest possible event costs to our hopefully numerous participants. With an entry fee of 499 EUR per single event – two dates are currently scheduled – we are at the lower end of the scale with regard to our market competitors. In all other respects, however, we offer a total package that can stand up to any comparison.”

However, if you are not able to be there live, the netzwerkeins video team will document the track events in words, pictures, sound and film, which will be made available to all who are interested on the day itself as well as afterwards.

Further information on the event and the applicable regulations can be found here:  www.bilster-berg.de/veranstaltungen/projekt-75.

Registrations will soon be possible via an entry form on the BILSTER BERG website.

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