Werner Gusenbauer: Passion, the BERG and me

Werner Gusenbauer is Managing Director and Instructor at DCMS GmbH, better known under the brand “Quer ist mehr”. After 26 years at Daimler, Werner Gusenbauer ventured into self-employment in 2006. His main focus: Driving training on race tracks, drift taxi and drift training, gladly also in snow and ice in Austria or Sweden. As a passionate motor sportsman, he has competed in more than 200 endurance races. With over 35 years of experience in motorsport, he acts as a coach at driving events and as a precision and stunt driver in film shoots. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also holds the Guinness Book of World Records with 76 simultaneously drilled donuts at the Nürburgring.

We spoke to Werner Gusenbauer about his passion for motorsport, his work at the BILSTER BERG and his motorsport dreams.

Mr Gusenbauer, you have been coming to the BILSTER BERG regularly since 2015. How did the collaboration originally come about?

When I was looking for a challenging track for my self-drive event for the readers of AutoBild Sportscars, I naturally thought directly of the BILSTER BERG. In addition, I still knew Managing Director Hans-Jürgen von Glasenapp and Sabine Karusseit from Sales from the Hockenheimring. Together we wanted to inspire as many car manufacturers and tuners as possible for the BILSTER BERG. For this, I got the opportunity to use the track once a year for my self-driving event.

You are a renowned drift expert. What do you enjoy the most on the BILSTER BERG? Drifting or driving fast?

For me, the BILSTER BERG is one of the greatest tracks ever: technically and driving-wise demanding, modern and clean. In addition, it is professionally managed by an extremely customer-oriented team – a perfect platform for petrol heads!

Thanks to the dynamic surface, we can first of all give sports drivers the necessary control over the vehicle during our drift training sessions. Afterwards, nothing stands in the way of safe driving fun on the track. Thus a great combination of drifting and fast driving!

This is already the sixth year that you are conducting drift training at the BILSTER BERG. Are there any particular requirements that participants should have in order to experience a great day of training with you?

Participants can take part with their own or one of our provided Drift Benz or GT86 Toyotas – all of which have a differential lock.

The only prerequisites for participation are as much “petrol in the blood” as possible, gas-sensitive footwear and a high spirits. BILSTER BERG will take care of everything else, including tasty catering.

Since 2015, you have been organising the dream car self-drive event at the BILSTER BERG together with AutoBild Sportscars, which you have already talked about. How does such an event work?

Everyone with “petrol in their blood” gets the opportunity at this event to drive their dream sports car safely and quickly on the challenging circuit. Qualified coaches with motorsport experience will help them. So you don’t have to have any special qualifications.

We combine three laps to get to know the track which the coach drives and five laps of driving yourself. At the end, the coach takes the participant on a hot lap, i.e. the fastest possible lap. Many participants are so enthusiastic about the driving experience that they treat themselves to another lap in their dream car and book a second slot on the spot. However, we are particularly proud of the fact that there has never been an accident at this event!

Of course, you are not only involved in motor sports at the BILSTER BERG. Why do you still like to come to us again and again?

The circuit at the BILSTER BERG was integrated into the existing landscape and is technically very demanding and enormously varied with 44 crests and troughs.  My home track is actually the Nürburgring with the Nordschleife. I have driven through over 200 endurance races and 16 24-hour races there. Nevertheless, the BILSTER BERG is the track I like to work on the most.

After 35 years of motorsport experience: Have you got a motorsport dream that you have not yet been able to realise? Do you think it could be realised at the BILSTER BERG?

I look forward to every lap at the BILSTER BERG – whether as a coach or a taxi driver. One day I hope to be completely relaxed and carefree with my own car – I won’t tell you which one yet – and JUST have fun without having to work. Occasionally I also consider becoming a shareholder – let’s see what time will bring.

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