Asphalt, adrenaline and atmosphere

From 15th to 17th May 2017, our participants were able to dive deep into the world of MINI: at the #MINIThrills at BILSTER BERG

“It’s supposed to be really loud,” said participant Marcus Zorn, who already had a hunch about what it would mean to drive the new MINI John Cooper Works around a racetrack. This is exactly what the participants experienced at the first of four stops on the BILSTER BERG. During the guided laps on the race track in the latest MINI John Cooper Works models, the drivers were able to experience the laws of dynamics first-hand. And Marcus Zorn certainly wasn’t disappointed: “Handling and driving in curves is gigantic. You are surprised by the number of times the electronic stability programme intervenes, but the car stays on track with no problems.” It was less fast-paced, but no less exciting for the participants at the second stop: a guided drive with the new MINI Countryman. The route first led over the MINI ALL4 course and then out onto the country roads around the BILSTER BERG.

MINI and its racing history

Afterwards, the MINI Clubman and the MINI 3-door models headed to the dynamic area for the “MINI Challenge”. MINI versus MINI was the first challenge in a parallel slalom. Then it was time for the so-called ‘Agent U-turn’: driving backwards, turning 180 degrees on the spot and then driving forward at full throttle. At the fourth station, the participants were able to experience how MINI also offers more than just a go-kart feeling. It was called: Immerse yourself in “The whole world of MINI”. Special stands offered information and interaction – at “MINI Electric”, for example, visitors could experience the drive technology of the new MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid via VR glasses. “MINI News & Stories” was also there, providing exciting stories. “MINI Classic” surprised the guests with the legendary MINI 1275 GT “Longman” and with a noteworthy insight: MINI’s racing history did not begin with road rallies, as most people assume, but with road racing.

Text: Nicole Thesen  (Zimmermann Editorial)

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