Sustainable and responsible.

The concept of sustainability is more than just a marketing factor these days; it is also an essential statement about our region and about our love for our profession.

We will use our new positioning to adjust ourselves “step by step” to this exciting and important job.

Recognizing and implementing wishes.

For personal as well as economic reasons, we want to position our business, with its two locations at BILSTER BERG Gastronomie and Gastronomie “Im Weißen Ross”, in this direction and invest more resources in our own sustainability concept. The idea did not come about from our own inspiration alone; our long-time guests and customers have helped the idea take shape.

Step number one.

Our purchasing department will consistently follow the principles of sustainability. This includes using as many organic, regional and seasonal products as possible. We will also give high priority to fair trade products and to the use of organic products from sustainable production in our purchasing procedures. It also involves saving on resources like electricity, gas and water, as well as preventing unnecessary waste and using organic, regional and seasonal products.

Acting in a motivated and respectful manner.

We look forward to implementing the various components with this ambitious goal in mind. We are aware that we cannot change everything, but we will consider all of our options and handle this great responsibility with due respect.

Marcus Schuster

(Managing Director of BILSTER BERG Gastronomie and Gastronomie “Im Weißen Ross” at the LWL Freilichtmuseum Detmold)