“Die Drei” of the BERG

Martin Kreisel, Klaus Scholtis and Wolfgang Tappe work in one of three teams in the technical department at the BILSTER BERG. They have been working as a team since the opening in 2013 and know the site better than anyone else.

On the BILSTER BERG they have made a name for themselves as “Die Drei”, translated translated as “The Three”. The trio is made up of a car enthusiast, a wood engineer and a licensed truck driver. Anyone who thinks that this combination sounds very discordant will notice, that this match was made in heaven. “Die Drei” divide the work on the BISLTER BERG with the other teams into early and late shifts. Their favourite shift, however, is the early shift – in the morning, before work starts, they meet in the depot, have a cup of coffee together and chat about the latest events. As soon as the sun rises, the three step into their flatbed truck and examine everything to make sure it is in its proper condition. The seat by the passenger door is the least popular, as the person sitting on this seat has to take care of all the errands during the drive.

The three have a long-standing relationship with the BILSTER BERG. They played on the run-down military site as children, unaware that this would one day be their workplace. But it is not only the relationship to the BERG that connects them: “Die Drei” also share a passion for automobiles. “The fact that we are constantly switching between different events, changing vehicle brands and a wide variety of people is what makes our day-to-day work at BILSTER BERG so varied and exciting,” explains Klaus Scholtis.

The three of them have fulfilled their big dream together – a Mercedes 190, built in ’87, in the condition of an accident vehicle. Together they have completely restored it both from the technical and from the aesthetic point of view. It has become a real eye-catcher with its cab livery, including a cab roof light sign. Their logo, developed especially for them, may also not be missing. By now the logo has reached a high level of recognition and can be found on various objects around the BILSTER BERG and on numerous employee and shareholder cars.

The responsibilities of “the three” include repairing guardrails, tree and lawn care, preparing the premises for customer events, and towing during track operations.

“Die Drei” always find a solution for every problem and are always ready to help. It’s obvious how much they enjoy working together. And last but not least, the positive charisma they carry outward thanks to their humorous and witty nature.

Author: Katharina Hofmann (BILSTER BERG)

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