Where can I get my cars washed?

The F39 car wash hall is available for washing or preparing your vehicles. You will have access to a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner. For further electrical cleaning machines there are six high-voltage connections (3 x 16 A CEE / 3 x 32 A CEE) and 16 sockets available in the hall. The hall also offers one hydraulic lift by the brand Hofmann, type: duolift MTF – 3000 with a maximum sustainability of 3000 kg.

The vehicle is perfectly illuminated by 32 6-row diffuser lights to simplify polishing.

There is another car wash hall at the SUV presentation building next to the off-road course. This is also equipped with steam cleaner, a vacuum cleaner and a hydraulic lift. There are also two high-voltage connections (1 x 16 A CEE / 1 x 32 A CEE) and four sockets (Schuko 16 A) for connecting further cleaning devices.

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