Trackday at the BILSTER BERG – Bosch Engineering shows how it’s done!

Trackdays: organised sporting or driving events on closed-off roads, with the aim of improving one’s own driving skills in a safe setting. They are often held with instructors, for example on circuits such as the BILSTER BERG or on disused tarmacs at airports. The crucial thing is that the track is strictly separated from public traffic.

Bosch Engineering GmbH (BEG) is a subsidiary within the Bosch Group and specialises in engineering services, including automotive drive and safety. It goes without saying that BEG employs a large number of employees with an affinity for cars. So it was an obvious idea to organise a track day at the BILSTER BERG for employees, friends and family.

Bilster Berg – Luftaufnahme (2021)

Trackdays, which can best be translated as ‘free driving’, focus on improving one’s own driving skills, as opposed to speed, lap times or placings. In this way, the limits of one’s own skills and the vehicle can be tested in a safe environment. Individual coaching can often be booked to learn even more from the professionals.

Right from the start, BEG was about “sharing enthusiasm” around cars. The goal: to bring together the experienced circuit professionals with curious non-motorsport professionals. For this purpose, a framework was to be created with free space for exchange, a good atmosphere and cordiality, paired with a challenging race track.

“At the BILSTER BERG, with its demanding race track and dedicated employees, a setting is provided in which we as BEG can experience the fascination of the race track together with the passion shared by our colleagues and friends for sporty driving. And this was also confirmed by the many smiling faces at this event and the many questions about ‘the next time’,” says Stephan Tafel from BEG.

Trackday am Bilster Berg – Bosch Engineering

The morning started with guided driving with their own instructors, who were made up of members of staff with a high level of training in driving dynamics or active motorsport enthusiasts. Divided according to driving ability and performance class of the vehicle, everyone, from beginners to ‘racers’, could slowly and safely adjust to the race track. In the afternoon, “free driving” was on the agenda, with the opportunity to drive in different types of vehicles with a wide variety of drive types and driving techniques. As always, there was no timekeeping and everyone had their own individual line. There were stints for the slower and faster drivers as well as a ladydriver stint.

Trackday am Bilster Berg Bosch Engineering

Trackdays are held regularly at the BILSTER BERG. These are not only booked and organised by external companies, but also by the BILSTER BERG itself. BILSTER BERG erFahren, which opened the season at the circuit in the Teutoburg Forest on 20 March, is the best example. In addition to a slalom course on the dynamic surface, where the participants could put their own driving skills to the test, several stints of the “Racetrack Training for Testing” format took place. During this instructor-led driving session, participants were able to experience the handling and limits of their vehicle and driving skills in 2 x 20 minutes of driving time. For circuit beginners this is the best possibility to prepare for trackdays with “free driving”. Further dates for the BILSTER BERG Racetrack Training Basic & Sport as well as trackdays of various external organisers can be found in our event calendar throughout the year.

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