Milwaukee – Power tools of the highest quality

Milwaukee is part of Techtronic Industries (TTI), one of the three largest manufacturers of power tools with over 30,000 employees worldwide. Milwaukee stands for high-performance power tools, high-quality accessories and excellent service that is consistently geared to the needs of craft and industry.

But what is a manufacturer of power tools doing at one of the most demanding race tracks in Europe? As a partner for automotive brands, the event facility offers a variety of other uses in addition to the circuit, dynamic area and off-road course.

Just the right thing for the third “KTM X-BOW Challenge” by Milwaukee together with Razoon Racing. At the event held late last summer, Milwaukee customers were able to experience the benefits of battery technology as well as new areas of Milwaukee, alongside lots of driving fun. In addition to the powerful power tools, the 2021 PPE (personal protective equipment) range, the new pack-out system for vehicles and the SAK range with a focus on pipe cleaning and sewer inspection were presented.

For this purpose, various work stations were set up at the BILSTER BERG clubhouse so that customers who were not currently driving an X-BOW on the circuit could not only view the products but also test them directly and thoroughly.

At the end of the event, a delicious BBQ buffet from BILSTER BERG gastronomy awaited all participants to bring the day to a worthy close in a relaxed atmosphere.

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