PKW ll Event-Service OWL ll Fahrtraining

11. June 2023 at 15:00 – 18:00


Pricing range: please refer to the Event-Service OWL website


Event-Service OWL 
Am Siedlerplatz 1
33014 Bad Driburg

T +49 5253 869 99 70

“Our driving training sessions are designed to give sports drivers from the region and beyond the regular opportunity to move their vehicles at the BILSTER BERG. In addition, we also want to introduce newcomers to the subject and give the general public the opportunity to experience the BILSTER BERG as spectators and thus also promote the positive image. We also want to offer the whole experience at moderate prices.” -Rudolf Gelhaus from Event Service OWL

This driving training is exclusively for cars.

In the afternoon, starting at 3 pm, there will be 3 stints each for the normal and the sporty group, after the motorbikes have been on the track in the morning.

As a long-time partner of the BILSTER BERG, Event-Service OWL is known for its professional organisation and the familiar atmosphere in the team. With motivated coaches, we naturally offer you the best opportunities to improve your skills.