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Photo & Film Set.

Make films for your business. Whether for film or photo shoots for the automotive sector or for products unrelated to the Racetrack, etc. BILSTER BERG offers the perfect setting with its modern architecture and fantastic location in the middle of the Teutoburg Forest. With or without racing, free of distractions no matter what and, above all, away from prying eyes.

Advertise with emotions.

The perfect setting for staging exciting, exceptional situations.

At BILSTER BERG, you can expect the challenging terrain to provide unique opportunities to highlight your automotive products. Whether you want dynamic driving videos or artful still images, the park-like surroundings provide you with an incomparable combination of spectacular racetrack and striking scenery.

The ideal conditions for photo shoots and filming – because you won’t be interrupted on the set during production. No racing. No prying eyes. The self-contained area in the middle of the legendary natural setting of the Teutoburg Forest completely shields your production and its modern architecture offers unique motifs.

White label.

When it comes to photo shoots for advertising your products and vehicles, making commercials for big brands or filming racing and motor-sport scenes – there is only one focus at BILSTER BERG: Your promotion. The white label principle means that there won’t be any distractions from your brand or your plan of action.

Other brands, logos, or sponsors will not appear anywhere, so all of the available advertising space will be unique to you and be designed in line with your imagination. Use BILSTER BERG as an emotional advertising space – for your staging. For your brand. For your photo shoots and filming.

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One of the most demanding Racetracks in Europe and the perfect backdrop for your photo shoots and filming. Discover the 4.2 kilometer long track. ...
Conferences & Meetings
Conferences & Meetings
Each location has modern facilities ready for you to hold meetings about the shoot, or to make preparations for your media productions and to follow up on them.
Off-Road Course
Off-Road Course
If your media productions are not dominated by asphalt but instead by the terrain, then the Off-Road Course will be the ideal setting for you.

Closer than you think!

Surrounded by breathtaking nature in the middle of the Teutoburg Forest, BILSTER BERG has excellent access.

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