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Secluded. Safe. Demanding. The topography at BILSTER BERG lets you test drive your vehicle with enormous stress and strain on all of its components. For your vehicle testing. For your product development. For safety systems, tires, brakes – and many more valuable tests.

Your values matter.

At BILSTER BERG you can test your cars with the best equipment and the highest safety standards.

Regardless of what test procedure you plan on using, BILSTER BERG meets a variety of requirements to make your testing successful. 4.2 kilometers – which can be divided up into the 1.8 kilometer long west loop and the 2.4 kilometer long east loop. 44 crests and dips, 19 turns, downhill grades of up to 26 percent, uphill grades of up to 21 percent and a cumulative elevation change of more than 200 meters.

You will find optimal conditions essential for precise testing on the dynamic surface. The total area measures 320 x 60 meters on three different levels. These can be wetted down separately or together. A skid pad is also available, which can also be wetted down.

See – without being seen.

No matter what you subject to testing, you can carry out your testing activities in a secluded setting, in a private and self-contained facility.

Our exceptional location will make sure of this, as will the highest security measures for access anywhere on the site. This affords you the opportunity to test even the most sensitive products, perfectly shielded from the outside world.

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19 turns, 44 crests and dips and a 26 percent grade – the perfect conditions for putting your components to the test.

Dynamic Area
Dynamic Area
Three levels for your testing. Perfect conditions for driver safety training and training in drifting, braking, turns and slaloms.
Off-Road Course
Off-Road Course
The well-defined Off-Road Course provides the ideal conditions for impressive rides in SUVs or Off-Road vehicles.

Closer than you think!

Regardless of the type of testing you will carry out at BILSTER BERG – you can count on the highest level of comfort.

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