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After two years of Corona, 2022 was a good year for the test and presentation track in the Teutoburg Forest, with many interesting events and encounters. To review the year, we have summarised our most popular magazine articles and news for you. Enjoy reading!


At the beginning of the year we introduced our technical team at BILSTER BERG. They work largely in the background and yet are indispensable.

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A real racing feeling in the BMW M2 Cup racing car at the BILSTER BERG.
The mobility of the future is characterised by motorsport. So it makes sense to offer customers and partners a very special experience that combines technology and innovation with emotion…

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Bilster Berg BMW M2 Cup Dymanikfläche
Trackday am Bilster Berg Bosch Engineering


Trackday at the BILSTER BERG – Bosch Engineering shows how it’s done!

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By now, almost everyone can talk about recycling. But upcycling? This beautiful word describes the process of turning used objects into something new. According to the principle: nothing is so old that it can’t be used for something else.

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Bilster Berg Möbel Upcycling
Bilster Berg


Since the early days of the automobile, women have been involved in motorsport. The number of female racing drivers in well-known racing series is still comparatively low and even when one thinks of race tracks as a classic workplace, one does not primarily think of a workplace for women. At the BILSTER BERG things are quite different.

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Milwaukee is part of Techtronic Industries (TTI), one of the three largest manufacturers of power tools with over 30,000 employees worldwide. Milwaukee stands for high-performance power tools, high-quality accessories and excellent service that is consistently geared to the needs of trade and industry. But what is a power tool manufacturer doing at one of the most demanding race tracks in Europe?

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Milwaukee Galp JSS Bilster Berg
PS Days Messe Bilster Berg


The BILSTER BERG made its first trade fair appearance in a long time and was part of over 130 exhibitors at the Performance & Style Days.

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With a dream car over the BILSTER BERG. Together with Andreas Reibchen we were able to fulfil a very special dream.

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Bilster Berg – Mit dem Traumauto über den Bilster Berg
Bilster Berg Ex Zero Bizz


September brought a recap of the World eX Summit. The RCCO, which combines slot car racing on a scale of 1 to 24 with real motorsport and the automotive industry, organised its finale at the BILSTER BERG with a specially built slot car race track. The great little racing series has been bringing electric mobility to life for over 30 years. Interesting people compete in spectacular slot car races and discuss the mobility of the future.

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Together, the racing trio went in search of clues at the BILSTER BERG for Triebwerk (Sport 1) to discover the secrets of the test and presentation track in the Teutoburg Forest. In doing so, they took a special look at curve 1 and the unique Mausefalle.

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Bilster Berg 2022 Walter Rörl
Franz Konrad dp Porsche Bilster Berg Bruce Jenner Seppo Niittymaki Borje


We have revamped the Cars and Faces format. Watch exciting topics like the racing reunion at the BILSTER BERG with Franz Konrad and the Porsche 935 dp II.

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From the very first glance, the new BMW X7 fascinates with its combination of luxury, comfort and impressive design. Guests at the BMW Becker-Tiemann customer event were able to find out more about BMW’s new luxury SUV at a closed-room premiere at the BILSTER BERG.

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Präsentation BMW X7
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